About Us

About Us

AT SAFETY is a global supplier focused on providing reflective materials, luminous materials, reflective/luminous processed products (such as car stickers, safety signs, warning signs, reflective tapes, etc.).


In the same industry, AT SAFETY is one of the few companies with independent research and development capabilities. It has independent self-built factories, laboratories and testing rooms. At the same time, it also carries out targeted technology introduction to ensure that it is closely followed by domestic and even the pace of world development.

Based on the reflective safety industrial park, AT SAFETY takes reflective film as a link and is committed to bringing "safety" to every section of road, every vehicle, and everyone, so that "safety" will always be with you.

At present, AT SAFETY has more than 30 kinds of reflective safety related products, and many products have passed international certifications such as European standards and American standards; the business covers more than 120 countries and regions, and has long maintained with customers in Europe, the United States, Africa, Asia and so on; provide security for more than 1 billion people.

The AT SAFETY team always upholds the solid foundation, pioneering and innovative, and unswerving industrial spirit. Every year, it participates in many kinds of exhibitions in many countries and regions in Asia, Europe, and the United States. We communicates with customers  to get more information about the reflective industry’s development status,and customer needs ,constantly improve our competitiveness.

Nowadays, AT SAFETY is taking advantage of our abundant products, reliable quality, and perfect after-sales service to gain the trust from more and more customers, We will guarantee the safety of personnel travel, and strive to reward the customers and society.